Saturday, December 5, 2009

Make Concrete Bathtub How Do I Clean Cat Poop Off My Concrete Floor?

How do i clean cat poop off my concrete floor? - make concrete bathtub

I have tried to deceive the bleach to
Then I tried baking soda and water.

I can still see where I poop on my floor.

I love him to death, but he is ruining the country, what should I do? "

Also, how to walk in there in my bathroom and shit, so it is not very inviting, if I take a shower, of course ... we finally stop shitting on the carpet, however.
not help this time.


♪ Seattle ♫ said...

Hello ... Lindsey wonder, given the nature of cats only in stores worldwide in the majority of animals found. It's an enzymatic neutralizer which works by interfering with urine and feces of proteins by soaking the affected areas and dry in the air. Repeated applications are necessary for heavily soiled areas.

Catsproduct Nature's Miracle Just for info: ...

We tested nearly all enzyme neutralizing agent in the market for our exotic cats, the more urine and feces of domestic cats and found that only Nature's Miracle Cat always worked better.

brutusmo... said...

There is a product called "simple solutions" that I found to work well. I got mine at Petsmart, "take care" of cat urine-marking and odor / stain. Try it ....... will not harm your cat. As for the tub, use a regular detergent after obtaining w / toilet paper and color. The tank would be my "favorite" place, if I pick but one thing, other than the sand layer. Is this something new? You can leave it by the vet ..... can try to say that she has a stomach problem. Good luck ..........

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